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how to switch to 24h time format?

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Hello from Russia, guys!

Does anyone know how to switch the time format to 24h mode on the central console? (my ct200h is without navi).
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YuDanJa,dkid thanks for your response, guys! =)

I've double checked the russian owners manual and USA too - same information. hour, minute and round nearest buttons only... :( Unfortunately, it's usless to ask russian dealers about such details:
- the sales of ct200 just starts here (fall april)
- russia got limit of 600 ct200 on 2011, due to hybrids unpopular here.

So, our dealers totally unprepared - there is absolutely no accessories, i'm still don't know the price of regular service maintance, etc....

I'm going to write the email to the toyota motors russia and ask them, so i will publish answer here.
i have looked at the console as well and it seems to me that is possible... that's why i'm trying to find the exact answer =)
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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