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How to retrieve change that fell into the abyss?

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2 or 3 of my quarters fell into that little compartment where the USB and AUX are housed. There is just a slight opening where the cover folds. My change fell in there and it's not so much about the money but more about the fact that irks me that I know something is stuck in there. Any ideas?
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Wow I've never heard of that, but you can take that entire section of the console out relatively easy. You have to take off the black piece of trim above the radio, below the air conditioning controls. Then each of the "leather" pieces of trim next to the center console, and then you can remove the center piece of the console. I'm thinking you might be able to shake it upside down or use some kind of prying tool to get your change out.
Why were coins in there in the first place?

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you have to pay to use the usb :)
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