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I've got a 2017 Lexus CT200h Hatchback, and I was in the middle of the process to remove the headline. But I'm stuck and need some guidance on how to complete the removal.

1) With the back side, there is a wire attached and I could not seem to remove it from the white port. Tried just pulling it, but couldn't easily do it. Tried seeing if I needed to pull or push some sort of lever but couldn't find any. Does anyone know how to remove this switch from the back?

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2) With the front, I've removed the A-pillar plastic trim, but can see there is 2 wires connecting to the front. Again I couldn't pull it out, the plug is in a awkward tight fitting. Any idea how I'm supposed to remove those plugs?

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3) At the front, again there is a grey /socket thing. Tried to pull wire out but i'm just struggling.

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