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How to remove front bumper chrome trim

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I have a 2017 Lexus CT200h (Executive Edition).
How do you remove the chrome thing thats around the front bumper, see image below:
Car Vehicle Grille Automotive lighting Automotive tire

Did a but of googling but i'm confused because some people said its mounted by screws, some said its an adhesive thats holding it together?

Below is a picture of what the previous owner took when they replaced it, it looks like its just adhesive?
Car Vehicle Grille Motor vehicle Automotive lighting

I plan on de-chroming it, and making it gloss black. Like this image below:
Tire Wheel Vehicle Grille Automotive tire

Can I just use some trim tools to take the chrome plastic thing out? Or do I need to open up the bonnet or something.
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From everything I've read and seen you need to remove the bumper.

I plan on changing out my 16's chrome upper and lower to the JDM black chrome that's sitting in my basement. But from the other forum and youtube videos of people swapping out the front grill portions it's a combination of screws and clips that you have to take apart like a puzzle So I highly down you can just remove it while it's on the car.

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As Nigel said, you need to remove the bumper to remove those trim pieces. They clip in, so you need to access the back side to try and pop the clips back out.
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Any guides available - write-ups or videos?
Youtube bumper conversion for ct200h. Many videos showing how to remove the grill and put the new one on in the videos.

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