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Can someone help me understand how to improve the straight-line steering feel of the CT?

I am thinking of buying one, but the vehicle I test drove was very erratic at highway speeds -- it felt more sensitive to slight steering wheel movements than my Prius. :(

I was hoping for steering that is more center weighted.
More like a Audi or BMW.

I tried the vehicle in Sport, ECO, and Normal modes.
The Sport was overall more responsive during acceleration and turns; however, steering on all three modes felt similar on roads.

If I purchase the vehicle, can I get the steering modified with a new cal at the dealer?

Thank You.
noobie009 --this is actually one of the issues that was pointed out in some CT auto mag reviews. I Have noticed it on the highway. I am thinking the next time I go to a tire service center to see if the can adjust the front wheel alignment to have slight toe-in (1/16 - 1/8 inch) which would fix the issue. However, you need to be careful, because too much causes excessive tire wear.
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