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I have just gotten thru my 3rd fillup in my CT200H. Each time the fuel gauge read about 1/8 full when I did the refill and the miles remaining was in the 40-60 mile range. Anyway driving on all 3 tanks was a combination of highway and city driving (20 miles to and from work dailey) and pleasure driving on the weekend for shopping and other errands. I will also say I did not drive with a lead foot when accelerating.

Tank 1: 398 Miles/8.99 Gal = 44.3 MPG Normal Mode Only
Tank 2: 395 Miles/9.12 Gal = 43.3 MPG Sport Mode Only
Tank 3: 376 Miles/8.81 Gal = 42.7 MPG Eco Mode Only

Started on my 4th tank and I plan on repeating this sequence once more.
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