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How long will batteries last?

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Does anyone know how long they expect the batteries to last on the car?
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Just google. "Prius, "battery" and "lifespan". You'll see they will be the last component to go (lasting up to 400.000 miles).

Here in Belgium, Toyota gives longer warranty on the hybrid components (8 years) than on the rest of the hybrid car's components (5 years).

The only way to damage the Prius/Auris/ct200h battery is running the car on an empty fuel tank in pure EV mode, until it completely dies on you. Such recklesness wouldn't be covered. Otherwise, no worries with the battery's lifespan and the corresponding warranty.
the batteries will outlast the car.
I agree with the posts above. I've seen articles on the exceptional reliability of the Prius as used in Taxi fleets in major cities like in Vancouver, NYC, etc. These drivers have recorded 250 000 miles or greater without any failures in the hybrid mechanicals.
I personally put over 150,000 miles on my 2005 Prius in which I installed my own EV switch, which undoubtedly puts more strain on the battery. My car still runs great.

This technology has been proven out 100%.
the batteries will outlast the car.
This is not true. My Battery has not outlasted my car. i only have 150k from my 2012 ct200h, and my battery died at 9 years.
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