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Does any one owned a Prius before ? I guess that the handling in snow will be almost the same as the CT. I'm really curious too about the winter handling of the CT, as it will be probably the thing that will decide me to take it or not.

I saw some video on youtube of prius in snow, and some of them show the prius stock in snow... but the thing you never know is the kind of tires the car have. Any car will have hard time in snow storm or big snow with four-seasons tires or cheap winter tires. I beleive that the CT will really good winter tires such as Nokian Hakkapeliitta 5 will have a good grip and handling in snow

Just for exemple, I went to Hashburn, VA last year, and they had 10 CM of now. I had a rental car from Montréal with now tires (cheaps one, but at least it was snow tires). I saw lot of people having hard time on the road, many accident, and most of the cars I saw had no winter tires (if I were living there I guess I would not put winter tires too, since they generally only get very low snow there...)

So I beleive that the CT should be not too bad in our weater, as long as it have very good winter tires to be able to go up a hill on icy roads as we have here all winter long.

I'll go to the dealer for a test drive during a snow storm to test the CT in real condition. If it's good then I think I'll go with it!

But if any prius owner have experience in big snow/winter storm (with 10-15 cm on the road), I would like to know your experience!
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