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Hitch for CT

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Is there a hitch out for the CT? I have been looking around and don't see anything. I would be looking for a 1.25" hitch. I go with Curt, but nothing out. Just wanted to see if there are other options. I want to put my bike rack on there. Also, a great defense for city parking also.

Curt has one out now...

I just wanted to let everybody know that the hitch is selling at Amazon for $117.13 with free shipping. But, you have to wait for it to be in stock and says 1-2 months. But, if you purchase it from etrailer they will price match it. They have it in stock and ship it out quickly. I did it with no problem. It will save you chunk of change and get it quicker.

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Install manual states 200lbs (~95Kgs) tongue weight.
I am assuming this is the total weight that the bike rack, bikes, and all accessories fitted?

It also states not to exceed your car recommended tow capacity which for CT is 0 and not recommended. How can these guys sell a product that goes against manufacturer's recommendation and they try and cover their own *** saying don't do it? Makes no freaking sense.

I want to get something like this as I prefer it to the roof mounted racks as they look plain ugly on the CT, but this sort of cover your *** disclosures don't inspire any confidence.
Note: All non-trailer loads - bike racks, cargo carriers and so forth - should be supported with stabilizing straps. Failure to properly support these loads will void your hitch warranty from CURT.

Now what are these stabilising straps? Never heard of them before and what do they mount/attach to? Seems to be a requirement for a bike rack.
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