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Hitch for CT

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Is there a hitch out for the CT? I have been looking around and don't see anything. I would be looking for a 1.25" hitch. I go with Curt, but nothing out. Just wanted to see if there are other options. I want to put my bike rack on there. Also, a great defense for city parking also.

Curt has one out now...

I just wanted to let everybody know that the hitch is selling at Amazon for $117.13 with free shipping. But, you have to wait for it to be in stock and says 1-2 months. But, if you purchase it from etrailer they will price match it. They have it in stock and ship it out quickly. I did it with no problem. It will save you chunk of change and get it quicker.

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Hmm...that's no good. Kind of annoying since we asked the sales folks point blank if Lexus would offer such a thing before we signed and they said they didn't know. I mean, if the manual SAYS "no" then at least they could have told us that.
I'll flat out ignore the no bike rack recommendation. Roof racks suck. I think the hitch for a 2010 Scion tC could be modified to fit since the tC is based on the same platform and also has a double wishbone rear suspension (unlike the Prius). Another possibility would be the HS250h hitch.

2010 Scion tC Trailer Hitch |
Might want to check and make sure the installation won't void your warranty. If the manual does say not to install a hitch (I haven't looked to see what it says) there is a good chance it will. I have a Thule roof rack and a hitch rack on my Highlander, I use that when taking bikes somewhere.
There is no such thing as "void your warranty". Lexus can refuse to repair issues caused by installing a hitch (assuming the manual says not to), but they cannot void your whole warranty.

I have a 2010 4Runner with a hitch mounted Thule bike carrier that I'd like to be able to use on the CT as well. I'd hate to have to buy a fuel economy sapping roof rack system, that takes forever to install and remove and damages the paint. Bleh, I might tell the wifey that she's just going to have to get a Prius v instead and I'll put my bikes inside the car!
Really?? That's interesting...thanks
Yeah, I see nothing inappropriate about it.
Thule Helium: 26 lbs.
2 Road Bikes: 50 lbs.
Hitch Weight: 23 lbs.
Total Weight: 99 lbs.
Being able to have wifey easily attach Thule bike rack and load both bikes....
I think you should reward your CT with some sub-20lb road bikes now. :p
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