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HID vs DRL color comparsion

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I'm looking to get this thread set up for those(me as well) looking to do a HID mod. Instead of bouncing all over the forum looking for who has what. I think it would be easier to consolidate images into one thread. So if you got an HID kit installed please post an image and describe:

What company
What Wattage
Color Temp

Also weather or not you did your fog lights.

I ran around the Forum and grabbed some pictures from members. The first 3 are of LxTxNx, he is running 35W 5K. The last 2 are of OZ-CT200H and he is running 35W 6K, but to me OZ-CT200H DRLs look different he has an F-sport though im not sure if the DRLs are different.

If anyone else has any other setups feel free to throw them up.

Also here is a link for some more HID info this may help some make the decision on what color they may want.
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I have DDM HID 55W 6000K and they are bright white with a hint of blue. They do not fire consistently. I installed a relay wiring harness which provides a relay that provides direct connection to the 12 volt battery. I also installed a capacitive discharge system. The 6000k makes the DRLs look white with a yellow tinge. :eek: The 6000k also makes my ultra-white Sylvania fog lights look white with a yellow tinge. :eek:

When the DRLs are on by themselves they look white. The best HID match for the DRLs is 4300K

I am replacing my DDM HIDs with Kensun 35W 4300K ( I decided I wanted a matched white look ) I will still use the relay harness and capacitive discharge I installed. The Kensuns are supposed to arrive on Tuesday. Apparently you can haggle with the guy and buy Kensun on e-Bay for $65 plus shipping. I bought through Amazon for $86.49 total cost (including shipping and tax). I prefer to deal with Amazon than eBay; just my personal preference for those rare instances when I run into problems and/or need to return an item.

Good Luck to all :); the HID look rocks and should have been standard on the CT200h
If you don't mind posting up a picture when you get them installed that would be super.
4300K matches the DRLs perfectly

Here is a shot that show the difference between 6000k and 4300k. I installed the passenger side first, driver 6000k. I thought it would show better. Oh well!

During installation, the DDM relay harness failed. I have had it with DDM products and had to unistall the relay harness. The ballast on the Kensun are slightly larger than the DDM.

So far, great the Kensun looks like a winner!
That looks really good midcow3. I just got my HID kit in today and will install them shortly. I will post before and after pics, although I am not sure how you guys are embedding images.
Here is a stock image

and here is the 4300k 35W Kensun

I tried to get the same angle without washing out the actual color but they match really well.
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Thanks man my h11 bulbs were a little off. I had to take a knife to the "key" and shave off a few mm so they would fit. I also had to take my front bumper off to get the head lights out because they wouldn't sit evenly in the headlight. But i got it all done and i am really happy.
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