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HID vs DRL color comparsion

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I'm looking to get this thread set up for those(me as well) looking to do a HID mod. Instead of bouncing all over the forum looking for who has what. I think it would be easier to consolidate images into one thread. So if you got an HID kit installed please post an image and describe:

What company
What Wattage
Color Temp

Also weather or not you did your fog lights.

I ran around the Forum and grabbed some pictures from members. The first 3 are of LxTxNx, he is running 35W 5K. The last 2 are of OZ-CT200H and he is running 35W 6K, but to me OZ-CT200H DRLs look different he has an F-sport though im not sure if the DRLs are different.

If anyone else has any other setups feel free to throw them up.

Also here is a link for some more HID info this may help some make the decision on what color they may want.
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get some Kensun, they worked perfectly! only 65 bucks...
get a good brand, should work flawlessly, i was going to go PIAA for low beams, but someone told me they wouldn't be bright and probably more expensive then buying HID, so after doing a lot of research i found that PIAA would have cost me 80 dollars and wouldn't last long compared to HID.
so that brought me to Kensun HID brand that seemed to have really good ratings so i went with them... so far everything is good...
awesome that it works!

and all those people who said it was the car or that it was normal operation for one HID side not to work. well it's definitely the product...
i like the look, but piaa is damn expensive...
i dont really use fog lights, i just want amber color for the look....
yea kensun are awesome!
so far no misfires!
1 - 6 of 60 Posts
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