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HID vs DRL color comparsion

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I'm looking to get this thread set up for those(me as well) looking to do a HID mod. Instead of bouncing all over the forum looking for who has what. I think it would be easier to consolidate images into one thread. So if you got an HID kit installed please post an image and describe:

What company
What Wattage
Color Temp

Also weather or not you did your fog lights.

I ran around the Forum and grabbed some pictures from members. The first 3 are of LxTxNx, he is running 35W 5K. The last 2 are of OZ-CT200H and he is running 35W 6K, but to me OZ-CT200H DRLs look different he has an F-sport though im not sure if the DRLs are different.

If anyone else has any other setups feel free to throw them up.

Also here is a link for some more HID info this may help some make the decision on what color they may want.
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4300k match DRLs exactly

I have DDM HID 55W 6000K and they are bright white with a hint of blue. They do not fire consistently. I installed a relay wiring harness which provides a relay that provides direct connection to the 12 volt battery. I also installed a capacitive discharge system. The 6000k makes the DRLs look white with a yellow tinge. :eek: The 6000k also makes my ultra-white Sylvania fog lights look white with a yellow tinge. :eek:

When the DRLs are on by themselves they look white. The best HID match for the DRLs is 4300K

I am replacing my DDM HIDs with Kensun 35W 4300K ( I decided I wanted a matched white look ) I will still use the relay harness and capacitive discharge I installed. The Kensuns are supposed to arrive on Tuesday. Apparently you can haggle with the guy and buy Kensun on e-Bay for $65 plus shipping. I bought through Amazon for $86.49 total cost (including shipping and tax). I prefer to deal with Amazon than eBay; just my personal preference for those rare instances when I run into problems and/or need to return an item.

Good Luck to all :); the HID look rocks and should have been standard on the CT200h
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If you don't mind posting up a picture when you get them installed that would be super.

Will definitely post a picture/s after install ;)


current 6000K DDM 55W
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No. You can remove the underbody panel in the front, or you can peel back the wheel well liner to access the fog light assembly.

midcow3, do the Sylvania fogs match your DRL LEDs? I don't necessarily want to go HID with my fogs, but I do what them to match my LEDs as much as possible. The stock bulbs do have a slight yellowish tinge. Also, what color temperature are your Sylvania fogs? Thanks in advance.

The Sylvania Ultra White fogs are supposed to match the DRLs. I also didn't really want to go HIDs for the fog lights.
Sylvania SilverStar H11 SU/2 Bulbs SEALED*New In Package*Free Shipping!!! | eBay

When I receive the Kensun 4300K HIDs supposedly tomorrow, Tuesday and get them installed I will take a picture. I think all three lights (DRL, HID, and fog ) will come close to matching.
ARRRG - blown fog bulb water in light

ARRRG - blown fog bulb water in light

Well, I tried to take some before pictures in complete dark and they didn't come out real well, but I noticed my passenger fog light was blown ( put two more on order just now)

I replaced the fog blub and had it tightened but went through some very heavy rain and water. I am not sure how water got in. :mad:

So bottom line, my pictures at least for the near term will only show the Kensun HID and one fog light.
I just picked up my car, I was wondering if the Sylvania SilverStar ULTRA Bulbs for low beam headlights will match the DRLs? I'm hesitant to go HID Kit route as I've never had good experience with it. What do you guys think?

They should match, I have them as fog lights but halogen won't be near as bright and crisp as HID. Even though I have and am currently having problems with DDM HIDS I still think the HIDs look much, much better and light the road very well at night. I am replacing my DDM HIDs with Kensun which are scheduled to arrive today. I had water get in my left fog housing after heavy rain and driving through water so I reordered some more Ultra Silverstars., I will post some pictures and you can see better how the Ultrastar matches the DRLs. Bleow is a picture with 6000K DDM; I am going with 4300K Kensun which will match DRLs and fog. Again in the picture the blue tinge of the 6000K overdrives the DRLs and the Sylvania ultrastarcuasing the hint of yellow appearance, while the 4300K I am getting will match perfectly and there won't be the hint of yellow.

In the picture ignore the HID lights and just compare the DRLs and fog lights.
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Thanks for the confirmation guys. I will do the HID kit once the Silverstar bulbs blown out. For now, I will use the halogen bulbs first. At least they are 1000% better than the factory supplied bulbs! LOL

Use your Silverstars for the fog lights. Concerning HID installation lots of room secure ballast with some industrial strength velcro. On the passenger side you need to unbolt coolant reservior ( 2 10mm bolts), then headlight is easy to get too and lots of space under reservior.

I see you got your CT at Westside. They give the first 25K servcie free and have loaner cars. Great Lexus dealer!

The F-sport looks very nice!

Kensun HID order lost in the mail

Well it will be a little longer before I get my Kensun HID lights installed; the order was lost in the mail.

However, I ordered through Amazon and they immediately credited me with a refund and allowed me to reorder with free one-day delivery. I like Amazon's customer service.

The new order should arrive at my Huntsville cabin on Friday, October 21.

Hey Darienlim you HIDs look great ;):cool: . I guess you Sylvania Silver stars didn't last very long :D:eek:
Kensun 4300K installed

4300K matches the DRLs perfectly

Here is a shot that show the difference between 6000k and 4300k. I installed the passenger side first, driver 6000k. I thought it would show better. Oh well! But if you look close the driver's side is bluer and the actual light makes the DRLs look yellow.

During installation, the DDM relay harness failed. I have had it with DDM products and had to unistall the relay harness. The ballast on the Kensun are slightly larger than the DDM.

So far, great the Kensun looks like a winner!
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Nice write-up and display pics of the yellow fogs!

Sure do! There's a comparison pic in here w/ lights on and off (shining on my garage door).

Nice write-up and display pics of the yellow fogs!
photobucket . com

That looks really good midcow3. I just got my HID kit in today and will install them shortly. I will post before and after pics, although I am not sure how you guys are embedding images.
Whitestar go to Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket and setup a free account. Copy the "image" view to imbede an image! :)
Looking good!

Here is a stock image

and here is the 4300k 35W Kensun

I tried to get the same angle without washing out the actual color but they match really well.
Congrats on the 4300K Kensun; nice photos ;)

So Midcow, do you experienced any misfire since you changed it to Kensun?
I leave my lights on "AUTO" with fogs off. I have my HEADLIGHT OFFTIME ADJUSTMENT set OFF; meaning when I turn car off and open the door the lights extinguish immediately.

Absolutely no misfires.:cool::):cool: I went to the doctor in a parking garage today and the lights "AUTOed" on perfectly. :cool::):cool:

The 4300K matches the DRL color perfectly and looks stunning at night.

I have communicated to DDM and they are clueless :confused: as to why their ligths misfire. I also had the relay harness from DDM hard-fail. The DDM products look good, but I am suspect of their quality control.
Hi, I am a new member here. I searched in the forum I did not find anyone replaced the fog bulb with led bulb. Why? Is it legal? Thanks.
Hey agie88,

Sorry no one replied. LED headlights are very expensive. I am not sure they are illegal, just expensive. LED lights provide a lot more light than Halogen, but not as much as HID. You can replace the fog lights with H11 HID conversion and a get a lot of light for a lot less than $100. Because of the enclosure on the fogs I have seem recommendations to only use 35W instead of 55W.
No misfire on Kensun? I just ordered a set 5000k from Amazon. I will let you guys know in a week. :)

I think you will be very pleased with the Kensun. I had DDM 6000K and they were white with a bluish tint. 5000k is pretty close to pure white. 4300K matches the LEDs perfectly and looks very white; matches the Sylcvania Ultrawhite Fogs well also.

Thanks. I know that LED for low beam headlights are expensive.
I replaced them with HID. Right now, I am thinking to replace the fog lights. H11 silverstar ultra would be cheaper, but I found on ebay that h11 LED bulb for fog lights only cost under $10.
Does it work with ct fog lights?
Original CT200h fog lights are 55W H11 Halogen. On HID conversions they recommend only using 35W because enclosure can have heat build-up. On LEDs lights they vary significnatly how bright they are (lumens); be careful you get lights that have at least equivalent brightness to Halogen OEM lights. The $10 will work , but it might not be bright enough ...but then again you may have found a bargain... for $10 you can't loose.

2011 LEXUS CT200H

Low beam headlamp
High beam headlamp

Parking light

Front turn signal

Rear turn signal
992 (7440A)

Tail light

Stop light

High mount stop light

Fog/Driving light

License plate

Back up light

Rear sidemarker

Map light

Step/Courtesy light

Trunk/Cargo area

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