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Hi from Newcastle, UK

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Hello all.

Well, yesterday, put a deposit down for a CT200h SE-L Premier (Mark Levinson sound/nav, leather seats, cruise control), Mesa red/cream leather. Wanted a yellow one like in some photos here but I think the yellow available in the UK is washed out, unlike the glorious gold you guys can get in North America.

Car won't be available till October though :(

I am keeping my 2003 GS 300, and if the CT is as good as the GS at 8 years old I'll be a happy bunny.
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Good luck with the waiting, I too had the GS300, I put 150k miles on it, no problems :)...
Reply from Perth, UK.
Took delivery of a CT200h SE-L Premier (Mark Levinson sound/nav + DAB, cruise control), Mesa red/cream leather on 18 April. It's a beauty and my 1st Lexus.
Welcome, jealous of the Mark Levinson's :(
word. super jealous of the mark levinsons + the mesa red. that red is much more vibrant than the red we get here.
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