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Well for me, surprisingly, there was some Lexus brand loyalty in the mix, coupled with rising gas prices and all that good stuff happening now.

I used to drive a 2007 RX 350. Got t-boned. Car flipped over twice. My passenger and I climbed out. Everything worked as it should in terms of safety equipment. The seatbelts held us in while we were upside down. The steering wheel column retracted. Side curtain airbags deployed.

I work as an RN in a large ICU/CCU. I've seen a lot of patients in accidents not as bad as mine in more neurologically unstable conditions w/ head bleeds and comas. That Lexus I drove held its ground pretty well, especially the roof, considering it rolled over twice.

Anyways, aside from that, I purchased my next car because tech gadgets and luxury are more important to me than performance at this time. It doesn't hurt to have a Z4 roadster in the fleet, but honestly, w/ a 30 mile one way commute to work, I'd rather be comfortable and safe than anything else. The CT 200h is a good blend of sportiness and luxury. Lexus' attention to interior finishing w/ soft touches on almost every surface + stitching is exemplary and not something I've seen in many other car manufacturers. I used to think Lexus was a glorified Toyota, until I bought one. There IS a difference between luxury car manufacturers and standard car manufacturers.

As an aside, I probably wouldn't sell my current car JUST to buy a hybrid. Just like what audi4t mentioned, the gas savings just don't make sense. But since I was out of a car, the CT 200h was the perfect fit.

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