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of the 4 cars you listed, i think you made the right choice. i had not even considered the ct200h initially because i was leaning more towards the subaru wrx sti which is a totally different car except that both are hatchbacks. i test drove the sti and it is truly a world away from the ct200h.

for me the thing that sealed the deal was:

1. gas efficiency (42 rated mpg vs. 17/23 rated mpg) because we know gas prices are only going up from here.
2. new model vs. a model that is soon to be replaced

i have always had only performance cars so driving the ct200h is surely a new experience. you just have to change your mind and attitude (and driving style) and be realistic with your expectations for the car and you will be happy once again. ultimately, the car is handy with the hatchback & fold down seats, it's somewhat luxurious and comfortable, and it saves a good amount of gas (i don't get discouraged when going to fill up anymore!).

hope you keep it for a while and enjoy it for what it is!
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