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Well I only have the one car. I've never really been into the multiple cars deal seeing as I'm single and don't want to make two car payments or cover two car insurance payments...frankly I don't have a driveway to hold two performance is something I've always wanted to try. Ive never even owned anything outside of a 4 cyl. I dunno maybe when I refi I cAn pick up a little turbocharged something in a year to make me feel better. Lol. Has anyone ever bought a car and decided a month in it's not working? What do you do then?
you drive it some more until gas price is $4.5+ and then you will realize this is the car to keep..
I am in same situation you are in.. looking at CT, IS250/350, BMW 328, MB C class, Acura TL 2012.. sigh.. still can't decide on one yet..

CT is out now but no car to buy lol.
Acura TL 2012 refresh just came out.
MB C class refresh in August.
Lexus GS remodel this year.
BMW 3 series will be remodel next year.
IS will be remodel one year after BMW 3 series: I like the IS but the current model is just too old.

Overall, I like lexus (luxury and reliability) more than BMW. But if CT doesn't come out soon, I mind as well wait for a the new BMW 3 series. :mad:

Forgot to add.. my wife drive a Nissan Rogue and I drive a 2000 prelude.. CT is a slow car.. I keep debating between HP and MPG. lol
If we get a CT now, my wife will trade in her car and get a MDX or something as family car and CT will be a commute car.
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