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Hi all - I'm living in SF, right in Nob Hill. Street parking... ugh. I bought my CT back on March 3rd ... in fact I was the first person to get a CT in the area - had deposits down at two places and got the first one off the truck.

Needless to say, I was loving the car even before I purchased it, and have been loving it since. Agate with caramel interior. Funny thing is I've only seen ONE since I bought mine, another agate driving around near the Ikea in Emoryville. Lost him/her before I had a chance to pull up alongside and give a thumbsup.
Welcome Kyle. You're new to the forums, but a grizzled vet of the CT. :)

Are the SF hills an issue with the CT? Do you get constant CVT whining? Do you make much use of the "hill hold" feature?
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