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Hi Guys,
I recently got Ct200 and thought it would be a great idea to join a community to share the experience and ask few questions.

I have few things that are not clear and would be thrilled if someone can help:

1. I'm trying to install a dashcam, as I have a learner driver who will be using the car from time to time, and I wanted to wire it to the car's fusebox. I had no issues getting to it and doing the prework, however, when I went on installing the camera I realized that Ct200 uses Micro type fuses (both for engine compartment fusebox and interior one), while dashcam's installation box comes with Mini and Regular fuse kits. I know it's not a problem to buy a single mini fusebox in the autoparts store and plug the whole thing anyway, but I'm now faced with a dilemma. If I try to wire it to interior fusebox, it means that I won't be able to close the plastic cover on top of the installation because there is not enough space to do it. If I try to hook it up through engine compartment's fusebox, I need to find a firewall hole and go through there, which is too much of a hassle and I don't feel like doing it. Given I want to wire it to interior fusebox, my question is: is it ok to leave the interior fusebox without the cover or are there any dangers associated with long-term usage of it that way (i.e. dampness, something getting into it, etc)?

2. Breaks vs Regen
I couldn't find a clear explanation when breaks kick in on Ct200 and car stops the regen. My original assumption was that throughout the Charge range, which is shown on car's dash I'm getting regen all way to the end, until I break even harder beyond Charge range and actual breaks would kick in. After a bit of reading online, I realized it might not be the case and knowing that I might be wasting my MPGs just by bad driving habit, I want to get to the bottom of it :). I feel the surge forward when I break gently and speed drops below 8-9 miles and I know regen can no longer happen at that speed + breaks are engaged. However, if I try to slow the car down from 45 mph, for example, how far on the Charge range can I go without engaging actual breaks? None of the forums I searched provide a definite answer, so I would appreciate if someone who owns CT200 for a while could share from experience?

Thanks in advance, lads!

P.S. I had a few drinks, sorry for typos :)
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