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Hello everyone & Question on insurance rate

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Greetings everyone,

I'm from Canada Alberta. I'm very excited going to be one of the CT200h owner (hopefully at the end of this April.) Have been kept my eyes on all the news and forum post by you guys for some times. Want to say thank you, since I've learned a lot from all the posts, they are very useful!

Have a question about insurance rate on the CT200h.. since it is a bit new. Some of the insurance companies do not have this model in their file yet. What they have for the closest is the HS250h model. I would like to know if there's much different from the quote using the HS250h? (a bit more/less?)

PS. The CT200h that I'm going to get is the Starfire Pearl, Premium w/o NAV, Tinted Windows :)
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I purchased my CT a couple of weeks ago. Three days later I sold a 2005 Saturn Vue that was worth about $9K to a friend, who bought it for his daughter. It was then that I called my insurer — California State Automobile Assn. (CSAA) — to have them delete the Saturn from my policy and add the CT. After all was said and done, I was surprised to learn that the CT would increase the cost of my annual policy by only $60 ($5 per month). When I asked why so little (and made it clear I wasn't complaining) the underwriter said he didn't know, and that he had run the numbers twice to make sure the amount was correct. After a short discussion, we both took a guess that the rate for insuring a hybrid might be based on the type of people who own hybrids. If you think about it, they are probably less likely to get in accidents and cost the insurance companies money. Perhaps someone on this forum who reads this post and works for an insurance company can explain why hybrids cost less to insure than non-hybrids.

Congrats on your new ride. If you are like everyone else on this forum who has already taken the plunge, you are going to love it!
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Before buying and taking possession of my new CT two weeks ago, I got quotes for a Scion Tc and HS250h as I was considering those as well. Only 50$ separated the most (Tc) and least expensive (HS) on the yearly quote. This is in the GTA.
Thank you so much on the informations! Give me a really good idea how much it is going to cost me :)

Now just need to wait.. until it finally arrived...
I just talked to my insurance agent. She said my insurance would go up about $12.00 per year. I will be changing from a 2009 RX350 to the CT.
I just talked to my insurance agent. She said my insurance would go up about $12.00 per year. I will be changing from a 2009 RX350 to the CT.
Mine was about the same for a 08 Highlander Hybrid to my CT $14.00 per year.
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