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Hey everyone. I just got my CT200h and so of course first things first I want to upgrade the halogen bulbs to HID. I used the same bulbs that I upgraded my 2015 Camry's halogen bulbs.

Well, I install the bulbs and one of them the headlight housing.

I was able to get all of the broken glass and loose parts out of the headlight housing, however, there is melted glass on the rim of the opening to the headlight housing, making it impossible to re-install the original halogen bulb.

So, my question is this: how do I remove the headlight?

I've searched and searched across the entire internet and can't seem to find a write-up.

My hope is that if I can remove the headlight, then I can use a heatgun, among other tools, to get the headlight back to the way it was pre-explosion.

Or, if someone has any other techniques that might not involve removing the headlight (and therefore the front bumper I assume?), let me know.

Finally, can people confirm that if I leave some of the glued plastic on the inside of the headlight housing (that I'm unable to clean), it will be okay if I put the stock halogen bulb back in its place?

Thanks in advance!
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