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Has anyone tried the aftermarket "Tesla" screen radio upgrade?

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I'm seriously considering this radio. I've already been in talks with the company and it seems like it does everything I need. Has anyone tried this specific radio? I know people have tried the other aftermarket radios that aren't as big.

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Interesting relocation of the buttons and knobs. I wonder how the seat heaters work. Definitely looks interesting and better than the silly stock mouse thing. It's too bad it's blacker than the rest of the finishes. I wonder how many of the CT200h vehicle functions it can do.
According to the seller, the climate controls (including heated seats) are all done on the screen. I've been messaging them all day with a ton of questions.

I'm thinking about trying to color match the glossy plastic to an OEM color. I can't figure out what the OEM interior paint code is though.
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Interesting relocation of the buttons and knobs. I wonder how the seat heaters work. Definitely looks interesting and better than the silly stock mouse thing. It's too bad it's blacker than the rest of the finishes. I wonder how many of the CT200h vehicle functions it can do.
So, multiple companies sell this type of radio. One company said they do support the heated seats function in my CT. The other company said it does NOT support it. Man... Now who do I believe? :D
I wonder if it's different versions of radios, or they are specifically for cars that do not have the seat heater option, or these people have no clue lol. It is Chinese after all. I have no clue how it can handle the seat heater through the screen though, so I have my doubts. I've never seen it before, so I guess there's only one way to find out. Someone has to be the guinea pig!
Ha, well I contacted 3 more sellers on Aliexpress. The majority say YES, it will work. I guess I'll be the guinea pig! I'm still not in love with the glossy-finish, but maybe I'll get used to it. One way or another, I need to change radios. The steering wheel controls have been half/functional since I installed a radio that wasn't supported with our car. I can't stand problematic technology that I use every single day.

I'll post an update when this all gets done. It'll likely be around February.
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Did anyone buy it yet?
I bought it. It's supposed to ship this month. If it doesn't work out for me, I'll return it and buy the double din radio from Aliexpress that seem to be a favorite for our car instead. I'll keep you all posted!

There's quite a few sellers on Aliexpress that sell it. Some even have video of it working in the car. We'll see if it lives up to the claim that the heated seats can be controlled via the screen. Some sellers say it's possible, other's say their version doesn't support it. Seems like the Android version differs slightly depending on who you buy it from.

Can't wait to tell @TobiasSing I broke something else on my car. :ROFLMAO:
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I talked with a few vendors also, all said that it supports heated seats which would be a deal breaker for me if it doesn't.

I usually go through Zohong as my vendor for android radios as I have bought over 5 and all work great with no issues. I really like their software and support. They said they could get it but the software is different from their normal one. I thinking if is should go ahead and order it or wait to see if yours supports the heated seats.

I have a Zohong android unit in my car already that works perfectly, but I would love a bigger screen.
Zohong is the seller I would purchase the double din radio for our vehicle if this other one doesn't work out.
Update: It's taking longer due to the manufacturer having to alter the motherboard to accept the heated seats function on the screen. If I didn't have heated seats, this would have already been shipped by now.

I'm going to wait as long as I can, otherwise I'll get a refund and will order the double din instead I mentioned above.
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yes yes, just You are the only one going through with this. No one on FB or any other groups have even mentioned trying it. I'd say since the manufacture is trying to get it to work with the heated seats shows good support in trying to get it to work with what most people will have in terms of configuration wise.

Can't wait to see how this looks!

The seller instructed me to cancel my order. They indicated that the manufacture has not been able to figure out how to make the heated seats work. They said they would contact me when it becomes available.

I ended up buying a 2nd radio from another seller (within about the same price) and they said it needs to be tested before shipment. I guess it's quality control testing?

All 3 sellers I communicated with (different companies) have said it needs to be tested via the engineers before shipment. Either they are talking about quality control, or they have to engineer the version to work with heated seats. Either way, the communication is difficult because of the translation between our languages.

I'm holding on.
Sorry guys, it's looking grim every day that goes by. I just had my 3rd seller tell me they can't sell me the radio due to the heated seats not being configured for this car. I'm down to my last 2 sellers. They both seem to think it's possible. However, I believe everyone is sourcing the same manufacturer.

Looks like I'll be getting the double din after all.
Is it possible to retrofit the heated seat knobs directly below in that empty cavity where a cell phone mount would typically go?

I thought it wouldn't be so difficult to make the seats work. I was under the impression its only functions were on/off and then obviously the increment of heat.
I'm having trouble visualizing where the heated switch would go that wouldn't look too ugly, or be in the way. Where do you suggest it goes? I don't think I want it in the center console. Seems kind of out of place.
I would need to see how big the knobs and housing are once the trim is removed. It still looks like a big "switch". I have a few blanks over by your gas release door goes, but I doubt it would fit there.

I'm still thinking about it.

I spoke to the last TWO sellers I'm dealing with (one I have an open order with). The seller which is slightly more expensive, has TRIPLE checked with their engineers and swears this will work. I haven't placed my order yet with them. The seller I have an open order with is supposed to give me an answer on whether or not it'll work in 24 hours. Still waiting for a reply.

I forgot to add the seller that has triple checked with the engineering department has a price of about $795 for this radio. All the other radios that were the same size were approximately $400 to $500. This is much higher in an honestly makes me a little uncomfortable to spend this much on the same radio allegedly.
Update: Last ordered just cancelled on me. They said "hello friend, the heated functions not working, i think we need cancel it for you".

So, now I have a decision to make. Do I trust the LAST seller for $795, or call it quits and buy the ZOHONG double din radio that's confirmed to work with our cars? I'm thinking this Tesla style screen just won't work the way I need it to.
Update: The last company I'm working with has allegedly shipped the radio. The item on my "Order" history has been marked as shipped and it appears it might be in transit? Fingers crossed. I'm not terribly hopeful even after the customer rep checked 3 times to confirm it'll work with our heated seats... I'll let you all know what my findings are after this whole ordeal is finished. Thanks for staying tuned! :)
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Teaser photos I got from the seller. Still waiting on a manual/install instructions if I can get it before delivery...


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Good morning new to the forum.
Any updates on the Tesla style installation I think there's another options for the heated seat like using a switch from another vehicle like the 2008 to 2015 Toyota land cruiser is smaller and the connector look like the one on the ct200h View attachment 62195
Good morning! No updates just yet. According to the tracking, it's in transit.

I confirmed well over 3 times that our heated seat controls work... That's really I know at the moment. We'll see when it arrives.

That switch is definitely smaller. I still don't' know of a good placement for a remote switch.
Bad news guys... Seller keeps insisting to "install it. you won't know until you try it".

I'll give it a try.

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Yea there is going to be no interface to manage the seat heating...

So it comes down to tesla screen and remote seat heating or double din and keep the dash intact...

If the tesla screen is cracked up to be worth it, then I'd 10% just move the seat heaters somewhere..

I'm taking my entire dash apart btw so this is what the seat heater looks like apart from the console. (I'm changing all green LEDS to white. So I have multple things of everything taken apart)

Pictures will be put here from my phone:

View attachment 62224
View attachment 62223
View attachment 62222
View attachment 62218
View attachment 62219
View attachment 62221
View attachment 62220
View attachment 62217
View attachment 62216
View attachment 62215

Sorry my phone did not put them in order, but you get the idea.

Why am I not surprised you're out here in the middle of the night tinkering with things? 🙃

I'm trying to justify in my head that relocating the heated seat functions is worth it, but I honestly can't. I can't picture a suitable location that I wouldn't mind having the controls relocated to. Not to mention, it's going to force me to paint the darn radio bezel so it matches everything.

I'm not against the double din from ZOHONG, but I really wanted the bigger screen.
I guess it's what you think is worth it. Does having the larger screen give you more options/benefits than using the seat feature? To me I don't see an issue at all relocating the seat heaters. Most of my cars have a button that is in the dash.. For example, on our Mercedes it would be impossible to relocate the switches with how they are spread out and how it's wired. At least with the CT it's a small rectangle box. You could literally put it anywhere out of site and still have full functionality of it. Whether it's in the center console (This would be the easiest and you could still easily access it, plus all wiring would be under the center console and hidden), under the driver side dash...or even on the left side of the dash where we have all the blank buttons... lots of possibilities.

You wouldn't be losing the feature at all which to me is the key. I hate gloss black, so I actually have more of a problem with that than anything else. You could always wrap the bezel of the unit. That would be better and much cheaper than trying to have someone match the sparkled paint that our dash has. I wrapped my RCF's center console in brushed aluminum and it looks wonderful. For the CT I'm using 3m's ebony wood grain which looks really nice and classy.

I have to find the thread but apparently someone has already installed this in the FB groups and is already complaining about sound quality or lack thereof.... i'd have to find it and screen shot it. Take it for a grain of salt but who knows.


Do you know if the OEM shifter bezel can be purchased by itself? Meaning, it doesn't come with the knobs to change the "Drive Mode". Mine had to be cut to fit the radio I have currently. I'm taking out my Kenwood radio and replacing the console pieces. I'm trying to avoid buying the entire piece from Lexus...It's expensive.
It can be bought, but be forewarned it's not cheap...

View attachment 62235

View attachment 62236

Or do what I did and go on eBay and pick one up. Cost can range anywhere from $50-120+ depending on condition/seat heaters..etc.
View attachment 62237
These are what I am going to be testing my different white LEDS on. It's much easier to do it to test units rather than continuing to solder/desolder leds on my good unit.

Darn.. It looks like I can't just get the bezel without the electronics I literally only need the bezel, no electronics. What a pain. That's a really nice page that details each individual part number. Is that a Lexus website?
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