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Has anyone striped an Matador red car?

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I love the gorgeous red color of my car. I can't decide whether to stripe it in white or silver or just leave it alone. Any opinions please.
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Stripping was a rage about 15 years ago. All new cars sold them were stripped and charged premium bucks by the selling dealers. My '86 Corona, '89 Corolla & Celica; '76 Peogeot 504D were all stripped. The most outrageous double stripping was done on '89 Renault 18i by the factory. But that fad seemed to go way side by late 90's. Today I have to see one new car stripped, specially among any luxury brands. I sort of like the simple look without any stripping.

My choice would be to stripped it with a light shade blue ... a metallic silvery blue to match the Hybrid logo, and the blue filled Lexus hybrid emblems.
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