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Got it replaced, about a 5-hour job, shocked at the amount of corrosion. I broke off a terminal on the new blades, had to remove the post screw and replace with a thinner one to make it work. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THESE. Once installed it rebooted and everything was fine. No ECU weirdness. Drove it to work the next day then to the car wash, no problems. Checked the dr prius app and all cells are charging and within .08 voltage difference. I did notice the battery didn't drop at night and the ICE seemed to run a lot less. My battery health was at 49% before and I couldn't run it in Eco mode, or it was not any benefit to, now I can run it in Eco mode and it seems like normal mode and the mpg jumps up. Will test for a week and report back.

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Keep us posted. I'm curious as to whether this would allow us to go up to higher speeds in EV mode if not just stay in EV mode longer.
1 - 2 of 44 Posts