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Haptic feedback on the mouse/joystick

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Hi all,

I was watching a 2013 CT review video and the reviewer was talking about the haptic feedback on the mouse/joystick. "The system provides haptic feedback to the driver, a slight vibration or buzz, when navigating the screen."

That got me thinking if this was a 2013 or F-Sport model addition, so I googled and many reviews talk about it being available with the NAV system on 2012 models. There aren't any post in this forum that mentions it. So my question is, does anyone have this on their 2012 CT Premium model? Is it a setting I have to enable???

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If your vehicle specs are the same as mine in Australia, then select MENU, go to GENERAL, then GENERAL SETTINGS. Then scroll down to FEEDBACK FORCE. Select Feedback Source and adjust it for the feel that you want.
Thanks. I will have to check it later tonight.

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