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Grinding when coming to a stop/accelerating from a stop

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Hi all, just looking for some insight.
I recently bought a 2014 CT200h with about 18,000 miles on it. I've been noticing a progressively loud grinding/groaning noise when I come to a stop and then accelerate from a stop- it sounds like it's driver's side front, and it seems to be much worse when the car is cold. I can't tell if it's braking or suspension related- there's no noise when going over bumps and it almost sounds like something inertia+friction related. I had to bring the car back in for a ball joint issue that I had hoped would potentially be related to this, but alas- it's still there. Any ideas?
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Any chance you can record the audio with your phone or something for us to hear? Maybe post it to YouTube or Dropbox?
I recently had similar problem but the grinding/groaning sound went louder when faster, and it was front driver side bearing. Not sure it will help you to address the problem
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