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Hi Everyone.
I found an available CT this past Saturday, and bought it. The current status, according to the salesperson, is that it is on the next vessel carrying a batch of CT's (with mine in it), already scheduled to arrive between 14-21 April at a port in New Jersey. So, it could already be here now, or by this Thursday. From that point, about a week to make it over to the dealer in Virginia. So we're looking at possibly the end of April.
I don't instincts tell me the story on the status given by sales was... It sounded made up.
Anyone share a similar experience? If so, how well did this estimated time of delivery go? Any unforeseen delays in the process? Did you receive it sooner or later than anticipated?
Anyway, whatever the case, I can't wait to receive it. Test drove the showroom CT...Man! Smooth and quiet ride! :eek:
Looking forward to having lots of fun.
Congrats on the new purchase...I guess the old walking out to get a Prius helped you...ha,ha....anyway, enjoy the new ride and post some pix when you get it!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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