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It's all about hyper-miling but not getting to crazy with it. The great feedback is what I love. Being able to see realtime how my driving is affecting my efficiency. I rarely speed through the fast lane, speed to fight to merge on the freeway or even drive outside the truck lane...slow and steady. One trick I have learned to raise the MPG is when I approach a hill I accelerate hard to get to a point where I can then lift my foot off the petal enough to raise the Current reading to 60 or better. then I feather the rest of the way. This gets the low mpg but only for a very short period which has less of an impact on the overall average.

I am very interested in way to modify this car to increase theMPG and am very open to learning from you guys here. Also, whatever I can do that makes it look cooler is good to, but not at the cost of MPG.

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