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Genesis Coupe to CT200H F Sport. Quick Question too!!!!

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Just got my new CT200H F Sport this weekend! Was nervous to get rid of my Genesis only after 2.5 years but got a great deal and don't regret it at all! I got about 3.5 grand back from my trade to cover tax and titles and then cover 3 months worth of car payments. I was able to get my fully loaded F Sport for a 36 month lease and 15k miles a year for only 350 a month which I think was a great deal.

Here is my real question though...I picked up my car with 18 miles on it with a full tank of gas which said about 470 Miles to empty. I drove the car for maybe like 120 miles over the weekend and it says that I have about 310 miles to empty now. Which if you do the math is a little off. What really has me concerned is that my gas tank meter shows now that my gas tank is half empty. So according to my meter I have driven 120 miles and that has taken my gas tank from full to JUST above half a tank. Should this be a cause for concern or does the meter move much slower on the second half of the tank? I doubt half a tank of gas that the meter shows should give me the other 300 miles to empty that I should be getting. Has anyone else experienced this before or have any insight? Thanks a ton in advance!!!!
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I usually get 180 to half tank and 450 out of the full tank since I drive about 80 miles beyond empty. If your getting 120 to half tank ease off the throttle, you can't drive it like a Genesis and get above 40 mpg. The computer is just an estimate and a rough estimate at that. It should not be taken for fact even with your mpg display as that is roughly 2-3 mpg higher than your actual mpg.

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Hmm I have been driving very conservative in Eco Mode like 90% of the time and it says I have been getting about 39 MPG so far. Its the gas tank meter that really has me concernced. I don't feel like it should arleady say half way empty only after traveling 120 miles. Is it normal for people to drive past when the tank is empty? Last think I want to do is risk that and end up stranded with no gas haha
Where do you live, what the average temperature is and what you're of driving you do. I can tell you that the computer showing around 40 mpg, or even less, in the winter on trips less than about ten miles is normal for us. Same trips in the summer, around 43-44 mpg.

But who cares? People are way too concerned about their mpgs on this forum. Drive your car and enjoy it. It will be better than your genesis or just about every other car out there, if that's why you bought it.

If you get really low mpgs on warm days for long trips in town on flat roads, then maybe something is malfunctioning and your dealer can take a look, but don't sweat it, yet.

Also, many people find the sport mode to give the best mpg for them. I feel that the EV and ECO modes are marketing gimmicks, anyway. I've never found any advantage to them except for EV when jockeying cars around my driveway.

Search sound and you will find a million (maybe more!) Threads on how to get the absolute best mpg, but why work so hard for a 1-2% increase. Just drive it.

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