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Have had both. Love the CT. Prius was a turd. Its amazing how many things Toyota can do with plastic to make an interior ugly. CT is a completely different world for not that much more money. Admittedly I baby the CT but I am getting about 48mpg. The Prius was 52. Buy the CT. You will love it. And even if you don't there will be a long line of people trying to buy it from you.

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subjective features the CT200h has -- and the prius doesn't have:
* much better seats, driving position and dash/console layout. Sitting in the CT fits like a glove compared to getting in the prius which feels like driving any random rental car.
* Lexus fit and finish -- dash materials esp. are much better than prius
* very comfy steering wheel and more responsive steering feel
* sportier tuned handling (ind rear suspension and some vibration damping)

Tech available on Ct but not available on Prius:
* leather seats (no longer on prius)
* dual zone a/c
* joystick Nav control
* 10 speaker stereo (Prius best is 8)
* Enform (like fancier Onstar)
* backup camera in mirror (if no nav)
* glass break sensor

Other things:
* Lexus warranty

Available on Prius but not CT:
* Lane Keep Assist
* Heads Up Display
* bigger cargo area
* bigger backseat area
* Prius, because it weighs less and is more aerodynamic, the Prius is **faster** and more fuel efficient


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This is my 3rd hybrid in a row. Hybrid Highlander --> 2010 G3, IV Prius --> 2012 CT200h F-Sport (FK).

These are "preferences" from my personal experience. This is not a complete list


Improvements from the Prius:
+ Seating: although I feel as though I must "sit down" into the CT a bit more, it's comfortable when I get there.
+ Overall fit and finish - attention to detail
+ Quality of materials
+ Driving comfort (most likely due to seating improvements)
+ "Looks" - this is completely subjective but the CT has less of a "look! I'm a tree-hugger" image...
+ Handling is improved and seems to tighten up a bit more when in "Sport" mode.
+ LED headlights (I had the IV, so some options were not available as they were on the V)
+ PCS. It kicked in once - very interesting experience.
+ Radar CC
+ Road noise is less
+ Engine noise in the cabin space at full acceleration is less
+ Instrument Panel Gauges (like the Tach when in Sport mode) give it a sportier feel.
+ Destination Assist. I've used it a few times and have found it useful.
+ Lexus Enform. I can program my destinations sitting at home and "send" them to my NAVI
+ Moon roof closes most of the way with "one touch". Seems silly to have to push and hold the button a second time.
(seems like it should be a simple software fix to allow it to close with "one touch")
+ Memory seats that are linked to *my* key. 2 drivers, 2 different settings - no problem.

Things that I think are not a good as the Prius (or -- what I will miss)
- No solar roof. I enjoyed the fact that the Prius was "cooler" when I came out to the parking lot on a hot sunny day.
- HSD display. I still prefer the Prius "Bar Graph" display for maximizing my mpg.
- no "5 minute" consumption graph. I used the 5 minute graph more than the 1 minute version (simple software fix)
- Rear cup holders / center arm rest is missing. Really Lexus?
- Cargo space is less in the CT both in depth and in vertical space.
- Rear seating / leg room is less. My briefcase still fits on the floor behind the drivers seat but it's a "tight fit"
- Touch Tracer. This was both a functional item and also helpful to not have to lower my eyes so far away from watching the road.
- MPG. Yes, slightly less, but still noticeable as my frequency to visit the pump is "slightly" more often than with the Prius.
- USB connection. MUCH better on the Prius as it was in the Center console.
- 12v plug. MUCH better on the Prius as it was under the flying bridge + in the center console.
- Glove box / storage space. I had 2 Gloveboxes on the Prius + space under the flying bridge. Very useful.

Overall? The "+"'s outweigh the "-"'s .... so I would still switch to the CT200h.

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I gave up my 2010 Prius that was filled with a lot of gimmicks after 1 year.
The crappy fit&finish made me crazy. Owned the 2006 Prius as well, and it had been great for 4 years.
Thank god I got rid of the 2010 Prius.
I bought the CT because I loved the mileage, and it's wonderful. Although I had some issues with the noisy middle console in warm weather. I fixed that with some rubber tapes under the two leather edges on both sides of the console.

Gen3 Prius? Absolutely no recommendation!!!

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Have had both. Love the CT. Prius was a turd. Its amazing how many things Toyota can do with plastic to make an interior ugly. CT is a completely different world for not that much more money.
Ha ha, that's awesome. (Oh, and I agree with you)

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One thing you can't get on a Prius that I love is dual-zone climate control. The Prius however, does have someing the CT 200h hasn't got: rear-seat passenger upholders.

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And to add to the above, for the CT:
  • better interior and exterior fit and finish
  • better quality of materials and tighter construction feel
  • Lexus panache and top-ranking dealer service (however, if one cares)
  • more car, yet insurance costs the same as Prius (in my case)

  • trunk space is smaller
  • service will cost more at Lexus. Hmmm...perhaps we should go service it at Toyota after the complimentary first oil change...
  • Prius is distinct and recognizable a mile away, CT can blend in with the Mazda 3s (subjective)
I drive ct , my wife drives prius, she likes it.
Both are excellent cars.
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