Hey all,

I'm selling off my Kenwood radio with the console parts that go with it. I had it custom built to fit in my car. I bought another radio, so I'm going to have to sell this.

Here are the specs:

Kenwood DDX9906XR. $300
CarPlay, Android Auto - Wireless
Sub outputs,
I believe it's a 4V pre-out too.

Alpine 5-Channel Amp. PDX-v9 $150

You will be receiving the console parts that go with the radio. Here is the list:

1. Shift Selector Trim Bezel w/ heated seat knobs
2. Right leather trim that goes up the console towards the dash.
3. The top gray trim directly above the radio which is bulging out a little.

You'll be getting the radio, the microphone, the harness and the brackets that were made to fit the CT200H. It's a drop-in radio, you just have to wire the harness like any radio.

Buyer pays shipping. I figure it's about $20 (for radio. I have to see how much the amp would go for. If you're local, we could always meet up.

@NewShockerGuy I know you want the parts, even if you don't need the radio :p

I'm also selling my Alpine 5-Channel amp if anyone is interested. I'll make a separate listing for that.

The radio, and amp is sold. I still have the custom radio brackets and OEM pieces that will allow fitment of a double din radio into your CT200H if anyone wants them.