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Fuel Gauge not reading gas tank ?

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I drove my car about 10,000+ miles in two months. My maintenance light went on which I assume is for an oil change. However, a week later, my fuel gauge stopped updating.

my cruising range at max would reach 400 for total mileage on a full tank. My range was at 29miles so I went to fill the tank, saw the gas station meter hit $44 which is usually how much it costs for a full tank nowadays 🙄

I go back in my car and start the engine and the mileage did not update! Still at 29, I turned the car off and turned it on again still the same. I drove around for a few miles and it was going down from the 29miles… it didn’t even register that I filled the tank.

so my concern is, I saw on another forum on this website that if it is the fuel pressure sensor, and I still drive it that it could potentially fry my engine because it’s not sending gas from the tank to the engine. So now I’m paranoid. One person says it’s the fuel pressure sensor and another says it’s a fuel pump, hoping for the former.

idk all the shops are closed for 4th of July so no one was returning my appointment requests.
Anyone know what is happening?
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Well for starters you cannot fry an engine from lack of fuel, it will just stall. Sounds like it could be the level sensor on the pump, which they do go bad eventually.
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