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Hi all,

I have a very peculiar issue that happened last night that I hope you can help me with. I tried to search for this but have had no luck. Here goes.

I filled up my 2012 CT yesterday as I normally did, with regular 87 gas from the same station I always go to. I did top off an extra half gallon or so, I have done this since I purchased the car a few months ago without issue.. this is a subjective thing, but I digress, not sure if it correlates to anything at hand, but figured I'd mention it.

I went driving around as normal and then arrived home. Upon arriving home here is where the issues started.

1. When I exited the vehicle, I noticed that the rear tail lights have a VERY TINY aux light on the sides and they turn on if your fuel door button is pressed and the door pops open, (I think)??
2. My light was on and I was struggling to figure out how this was happening (I had no idea it was because of #1 above until later).
3. I tried hitting all these buttons in terms of the unlock button, dimmer switch, lock button, nothing. Eventually realized it was #1 above.
4. When I hit the fuel door button it popped open the fuel cap door like usual but then I noticed the nipple thing within the fuel door did not pop back out, thus not letting me close my fuel door!
5. After frantically searching, I was able to discover our vehicles have an emergency manual fuel door override within our trunks and was able to pull on it and get the nipple thing to pop back out. So I was relieved.
This is my one of my questions, what could prevent the nipple thing from not popping back out? When I pulled on it manually from within the trunk, it activated every time.
6. After finding this emergency location and I shut the fuel door appropriately, I then hit the fuel door button again, THIS TIME, the door would not open at all, it's as if the nipple was stuck OUT instead of IN like last time, so I had to manually reopen it again through the trunk.
^ This is my part two of my other question above, is then this related to a fuel button/gas cap issue (electronic) from up front? I somehow doubt it though since it can still open the gas door intermittently....
7. I finally then noticed that when I pushed on the fuel/gas door button that the tiny aux light within the tail light finally turns OFF. But when I had the car off and ignition off, etc everything off. it stay LIT. It ONLY turns off if the fuel door/gas button within the cockpit is pressed in.
^ What could cause this issue? I"m truly stumped. At this present time all I have is myself accessing the fuel gas door manually through the trunk and I've pulled the 7.5Amp fuse from under the steering column that ties into the fuel door so the aux light would finally turn off.

PLEASE HELP. I've tried my best to write this out where it makes sense but I'll be glad to clarify the best I can should anyone be able to chime in, I really appreciate it.
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