Items For Trade:

I think it’s time to consider trading the vehicle in. This means the upgrades hat can be re-purposed are up for sale or trade. Will have other posts for items to be sold outright (no trade).

Items below are For Trade for OEM parts in good condition.

1. Lexus CT200h F-Sport blue front and rear swaybars: Trade + $350
Frt = 28mm
Rr = 22mm
P/N PTR07-77711
F-Sport Front Swaybar Bushings P/N PTR0777111AA
F-Sport Rear Swaybar Bushings P/N PTR0777111AB

2. 2011-2013 F-Sport Upper and Lower Front Grilles: Trade for OEM non-F-Sport + $150
Lexus P/N 53111-76030
Lexus P/N 53112-76030

Trades must be local and swappable within the same day. Swapping conditions are non-fungible for risk mitigation rather than convenience.