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FS: OEM 2013 CT200H F-Sport Tuned Springs and F/R Sway Bars

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These came off of my car w/ under 3000 miles on the odo. I am located in So Cal (San Diego Area), locals are more than welcomed to inspect the items and pick up in person. I can ship ... buyer is responsible for all shipping and handling fees

For sale are my OEM F-Sport Lowering Springs and F/R Sways from my 2013 CT200H F sport package I bought about 3 months ago. These parts are basically new!

Some pics of the springs/sways for sale:

(pics are borrowed, looks the exact same as the ones i have for sale)

Similar to SE springs here: CTh F SPORT Equipment: Lexus Performance Parts and Accessories - Lowering Springs

Siilar to SE sways here: CTh F SPORT Equipment: Lexus Performance Parts and Accessories - Sway Bars

50% of the MSRP compared to the links above is what I am looking for. So thats $150 for the springs, $250 for the sways.
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Really? I thought they made black f-sport sway bars and springs. Are the black ones the same as the stock/regular sways and sprints?
Dont listen to him, if you scroll up ... jdmwhitect is thread jacking, in an effort to push his fs thread ...

There is a reason why f sport ct's and non f sports handle different.

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LMAO - I figured.

Shot you a note too and will shoot payment over shortly.
Those are not "Blue" F-sport sway bars and springs!! DONT BUY!! Those parts are as same as normal CT200h parts. Ask local Lexus parts dealer for more information!!! Buyer Be careful!!
That's low and borderline unethical. Make your own thread and stop thread jacking this one.

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