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I'm selling the original wheels from my 2011 Lexus CT200h (5x100 bolt pattern) with original Michelin LRR tires 215 45 17. Silver color. Used it for about 5000 miles. Clean and mint condition. No curb rash. Comes with original lug nuts and lock nuts. No wheel caps or TPMS. Your original TPMS can be easily transferred to this set of wheels.

I upgraded to 18" wheels. This is why I am selling these at a great price. I need space in my garage.

This will also fit Prius, other Toyota cars, Subaru, some VW and Audi and other vehicles with 5x100 bolt pattern.

I am in Orange County, California. Local pick up only.

Call me at 714363638one or email me at [email protected] image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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