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I just wanted a black plastic rear bumper guard like I've had on every car. I did not want a shiny accessory that has a huge logo which does not seem to cover well, so I looked to aftermarket.

Ebay seemed to have tons for $10 - $20, they seem to roll up so that made me think they are probably junk. I ordered one anyway. I was right. I would never put this on any car. It felt like soft flimsy silicone rubber. I did not see how it should adhere to the bumper with the 1/4" roll of tape they provided. I believe it would easily roll or fall off if I tried. I suggest you don't bother if you are looking for any actual rub protection or want it to last more than 6 months.

I ordered the one from dawn enterprises, I was not thrilled that it seems the model for our vehicle also fits a Chevy Malibu since I wanted a custom fit. Well it fits fairly well and is basically what I wanted. Hard plastic although not as solid as all my past guards on past cars, it will do the job.

I got mine on amazon

I do not see anyone talking about this one so I thought I'd put it out here. I am not affiliated with them in any way. I realize many of you guys want the bling of the OEM. Maybe this post will help someone else that doesn't.

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