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The Lexus NAV system is pretty good. The screen is large and it's not slow or hard to see. I have it in my IS 250. That being said I decided not to get NAV on the CT I ordered. I just couldn't justify the cost. I've updated the map DVD once on my IS 250 and it cost $250 for the DVD. I installed it myself to save money but that's still a lot of money just to update the map and get new POI listings.

Will be getting a Garmin 3760LMT. For $370 you get unlimited map updates and free traffic. You have to subscribe to XM radio to get traffic on the Lexus.

Google maps works well on my phone but it's not as good as a GPS NAV device. If someone doesn't have NAV in their car you can get by with Google maps as long as a passenger is looking up the location and telling you where to go.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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