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For Sale: Japanese Shark Fin antenna - slightly modded - fits on 11-13 models $200

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I have the OEM Shark Fin antenna from Japan. It is Starfire Pearl. I slightly modded the metal plate with a dremel tool by cutting out a hole large enough to that the cable ends could slide through.

To install, I simply removed the old antenna, opened it up and unscrewed the 3 antenna elements. I covered them in electrical tape and was able to fit them into the Japanese antenna (what I believe to be the FM/AM antenna I slid vertically into the fin, the remaining 2 antennas fit flat on the bottom). I then reconnected the antenna to the car (plug and play - no cutting was required) and had a regular sized shark fin antenna.

I noticed no sound quality difference with the tweaked antenna orientations - sounded great (FM, AM, XM and NAV work without issue).

I am asking $200 and an additional $10 for shipping.


Shark Fin Antenna - Imgur
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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