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I filled up today for the first time. Let it fill up, then held it one extra time to be sure tank was full (added only about .1 gallon). On-screen mileage showed 50.1mpg. Calculated mileage was 48.9mpg. Awesome!!! I assume the dealer had it filled all the way up when I picked it up. Majority of driving was city -- trips of 15 miles or less (one way). I had it on Eco Mode and was focusing on maximizing mpg.

The "refuel" light / indicator came on with about 30 cruising miles left on the display. When I refueled today, the display showed 0 cruising miles remaining -- drove for only about 5-10 miles past the "0" mark. It took 9.02 gallons to fill the tank and had driven 441 miles. With an 11.9 gallon capacity, this means I still had about 2.9 gallons remaining.

Very pleased with my first tank results. They say mileage will improve after a break in period, but not sure that is the case for someone driving with max mpg in mind. Plus I have a 15 year old who just received his driving permit this week -- may not get as good of mileage on this next tank.
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