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The first reader comment on the article was pretty nice:

kpetro wrote:
Wow, Autoweek. I'm shocked at how little research was done with this review.

For starters, it's a 1.8 engine. And the EPA gas mileage is 43/40/42. It's funny how when you review cars such as the M3, C63 AMG, or RS4, there are never comments on how horrible the gas mileage is, as those cars are built for performance. This car is built for gas mileage, not speed, and it seems that speed (or lack thereof) is all you're focusing on.

This car is the first in its' class as a luxury compact hybrid. It also handles the most like a car out of any other hybrid - thanks to low-center of gravity and MacPherson Struts. I had low hopes when I decided to test drive this car, mainly looking at the 134hp and all I could think of was "ugh." Driving around in sport mode, I was pleasantly surprised. It is peppy enough to merge onto the highway and move through traffic. Is it going to move as fast as most cars? No. Most cars are not getting over 40mpg. Again, that's what this car was made for.

As others have said about the price, I think you had EVERY possible option on your test car. Most cars come as a Premium Model, which adds a moonroof and heated seats on to the base...which MSRP's for $32,151 (for a Premium). Did I mention it takes 87 octane fuel? Drive it yourself before taking this review as the end-all-be-all.

Now whether I agree with Lexus taking a step in this direction is an entirely different matter. Call any dealership and mostly all of the stock models are sold out, so consumers have made their opinion known.

Read more: 2011 Lexus CT 200h Premium, an AW Drivers Log - AutoWeek Magazine"
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