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the total for the car with the dealer fees and any added dealer installed accessories is $36,342. The finance person told me if I put down $10K to get it to about $26K financed, he could get me 2.39 percent for 60 months with Lexus Financial. The credit union I want to use, PenFed, will give me 2.49 percent no matter how much I finance (probably $30K over 5 years) and put down $6,342 check. Now, the Lexus finance guy at the dealership tells me if I finance the $30K, rate would be 2.64 percent (1/4 pt higher than the best rate he has, the 2.39). In terms of dollars and cents, the 2.49 credit union and his 2.64 rate are about the same...I'm thinking the Lexus is more convenient and that way if I ever get another Lexus in the future, I would get an additional perk by way of 1/4 off future financing or sometimes I think they give perks to past Lexus owners. Certainly, the dealer would like me to finance with them as they make money off of me that way...using my credit union they get nothing except a sale. Any opinions out there on which way to go? I have to take care of this tomorrow morning.:)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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