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Feels more road. Tire ? suspension strut ?

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I have 2011 CT200H. Odometer is 40k.

Since last 6 to 8 months , I feel more road. In my last servicing , I asked mechanic to check is suspension struts are good and he confirmed that they are good. I have Michelin all season - P215/45R-17 PRIMACY MXM4 - Tires Replaced at around 30K, 1.5 yrs back. I always keep proper tire pressure. So I feel, tires also should not be a concern. However, I am still unable to find the cause that - why this car makes me feel more road. The more road is bumpy, the more uncomfortable driving is !

Is there something I should check or ask mechanic to check for ?

Thanks in advance.
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Check the tire codes for the manufacturing date.
What is a tire date code and where do I find it? |

I had a Porsche with 5 year old tires but only 15k miles on them but they felt like flintstone rocks on the highway.
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