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I know it sounds weird. But occasionally when braking and sometimes after the car shuts off and the brakes, for lack of a better term, "power down"
It sounds like air being released. Truly like a fart. Sounds like a joke, but I swear its not lol.
Anybody had or heard of this problem? I just had the EGR replacement done (luckily they extended the warranty so that was free). Seemed to start after that
but I'm betting its just a coincidence.
Any suggestions to solve this problem would be great. Its kind of embarrassing when there is a passenger in the car. lolol

Its a 2012 CT with 117,000 miles. Otherwise still runs/drives perfect other than the occasional brake clicks that I've read so much about that I've decided to ignore it.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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