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Hey everyone, I just recently got my 2011 black ct200h. I am aiming for a nice stance, more on the aggressive side. My car is CPO so it comes with the 100k miles warranty and I don't want to void that with any upgrades. First upgrade I wanted to do was suspension. My plan was to get bags or coils until they told me it would void the warranty. I want to go really low and I don't think f sport springs are going to give me that stanced look.
Anyone have a suggestion on how to deal with the warranty problem?
And can you achieve a nice fitment with f sport springs?
My friends told me I should get both the coils and springs and if I ever run into a problem I can just swap out before I take to Lexus.

Next I was going to pick up some wheels. Right now I have my eye on the weds sport Kranze LXZ, and various SSRs/Work wheels. What specs should I follow when I order them? I'm taking my car in today to get the sizing as well. 18x9.5 or 18x10
Thanks. Will post pics soon
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