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Hi everyone,
I just posted in the introduction part of the forum, but thought I might get more views/responses posting in here.

I just picked up a 2014 F Sport, however the previous owner has removed the F Sport badges from the side (Yes, this is a real F sport and it has only had it's fender badges removed).

I was wondering if someone could possibly measure the distances to the proper location of where the fender badges should be?
I have ordered the badges so I can replace them on the car, but would like to put them in the correct spot.

I have tried to find this info online, but can only find IS F Sports measurements.

Edit: After looking around some more, I think the 2015's also have a F sport badge in the rear. It doesn't look like the 14's had this, but maybe someone can give me the measurement for the rear badge as well, and I will purchase that as well!

Thanks so much everyone!
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