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Thank you Tim!

I am going to cancel my extended warranty. However, as for the alarm, I am still unsure. Can you let me in more on the Lexus Enform?

According to the sales & finance people, the CT200H does not have an alarm immobilizer unless I add on the $700 alarm! And they claim to say that anyone CAN ignite my car even without the key/alarm.

Does anyone know anything about this?
According to the owners manual, there is a unique transponder chip in each key. Each key is registered in the vehicles computer. If a key with a registered chip is not present, the hybrid system will not start.

I've read that our cars can be hacked, however, by gaining access to the cars computer system. Ask if this additional immobilizer can react to this type of access. From what I've read, it probably can't! :(

On the warranty front, my dealer doubled my coverage for about the same cost as yours. Since I intend to keep the car for a long time, I went for it. If something goes wrong with one of the electronic modules, they are very expensive to replace. Check Prius reliability and problems, since it is essentially the same car under the hood! There have been problems on occasion. If you intend on keeping the car for awhile, I'd consider a counter proposal to double the factory warranty for the same price and see what they say. :)
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