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Here's what my vehicle print shows that they gave.

Model MSRP: $30,900.00
Optional Equip: $1125.00 (Premium audio pkg)
Delivery processing & handling: $0.00
TOTAL MSRP: $32,025.00

When you go on Lexus website, you can build your package. However, when you just try and add the Premium audio pkg it says "Moonroof & Heated seats must be added before adding any otgher packages to your configuration" so I am not sure how you can get the Premium audio pkg only??
When I went on the Lexus website and built my package, I started with the premium model and was allowed to add the premium audio (Package A) for $1,125. I was not required to add the moonroof & heated seats, but maybe that's part of the premium model standard features, anyway? Unless it's part of Package A and I just didn't notice. In any case, it's $1,125 total for that option. The printout I have shows a total MSRP of $33,482:

Premium model: 30,900
Package A (premium audio w/add'l option): $1,125
Wheel locks: $73
cargo net envelope $75
Cargo tray $90
Carpet cargo mat $79
Premium carpet floor mats $265
Delivery, Processing & handling $875
TOTAL MSRP: $33,482

The one catch is that I want door moldings, which have to be quoted by the dealer. I fear that will be expensive, which means I won't be able to get the Package A.
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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