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Hi All,
I am actually quite interested in the CT200h. However, one thing I am really concern is the acceleration time from 0-60. Will it be faster than 9s? I think anything above 9s is too slow..
more like 8s or something is the best. Any opinion?
Sorry to disappoint you, but it's almost surely bound to be 9 point something. The Toyota Prius (which shares its basic powertrain with the upcoming CT 200h) is oficially rated as 9.8 seconds 0-60. (See ) Sure, CT 200h is smaller than Prius, but Lord knows how its weight will compare given Lexus levels of equipment and sound insulation. Also, if you leave CT 200h permanently in Sport mode, it might feel peppier (I suspect that the 0-60 time posted by Lexus will be in Normal mode).

Bottom line: I'd be very pleasantly surprised if CT 200h were any faster than 9.5 seconds 0-60, and I think that 9.6 is the fastest realistic figure.

If you love the Lexus CT design but feel that "anything above 9s is too slow", you might be happier waiting to see if Lexus makes its trademarked CT 300h and/or CT 400h into something you can actually buy. I certainly hope so.
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