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Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield Rattle fix?

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I have a 2015 Base CT200H. My heat shield is rattling against the exhaust manifold. I took it to an exhaust shop and they explained 1 out of 2 mounting tabs where the shield would bolt to has broken off completely. They said it was impossible to do any sort of tac welding because they couldn't reach the manifold without a large number of labor hours to reach it. IE: engine components or whatever would have to come off for them to gain access.

They suggested I look on the internet to see if there's another fix that's possible, but they couldn't come up with an idea to reduce or fix the rattle.

Obviously, I can't just pull the heat shield off because it's still attached to the manifold with one bolt.

Does anyone have any experience with this or a suggestion on how to fix this? I just want the rattle to go away.
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Are there any negative consequences if I remove the entire heatshield? IE: cabin getting warmer from the added heat, etc.?

@TobiasSing I know you have some info you'd like to share :p.
LOL, well. Whenever I've had a heatshield issue on a car before, yeah I just pulled it off. But, like I was seeing someone say on another forum just a day before your post here, those are installed for a reason. So, while I would probably remove it, I haven't ever actually seen the one you're talking about (I never had a reason to). So I'd think it depends on what is above.

I did read your post yesterday, but I couldn't think of anything. You said you can't just pull it off. And anything that could be used to hold it up would have to withstand heat (so, not zipties). Maybe metal wire? Or, just go to town with some self-tapper screws up through it into the car? Maybe some pictures would help with the brainstorming.
Ha, I see you!

I asked this question in another website. The response I got that made some sense was to "take off the wipers and cowl". This person said they had enough room to go behind the engine from the engine bay. I guess I could try this and see what happens. Maybe Lexus or another shop would be willing to try it that way and weld the stupid thing back onto the manifold at that point.
UPDATE: The issue was the HEAT SHIELD directly over the catalytic converter that was making the rattle. I had it bent away (where it should be according to OE spec) from the cat. Problem solved!
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